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Your Reliable Blasting Machine Manufacturing Vendor!


Technical cooperation with a German company to manufacture a high-power direct-coupled shaft curved 7.5-75Kw high-efficiency blast wheel, Patent :ZL 2015 2 0702933.5 ,This type of blast wheel is 20% more efficient than ordinary blast wheels.

Non-standard customization

Our shot blasting machine has a variety of products, which can be customized non-standard, and provide solutions according to customer needs. The source factory has rich production experience.

Quality accessories

As an excellent supplier of shot blasting equipment, we attach great importance to product quality. In the selection of equipment purchased parts,, 
In addition to common standards,we choose the parts from famous brand manufacturers.

Quality Control

In order to improve product quality and machine precision, our company has successively purchased imported CNC machining centers, German shot blasting machine dynamic balance detectors, large boring machines, gantry milling and other machining equipment, and is equipped with corresponding CNC cutting, wear-resistant cast iron test fields, etc. .


Corporate Culture

There is no success without hardship.
Modesty is the bridge to progress.
Better safe than sorry.
Quality and cost,are in company the two cardinal tasks.
There is no success without hardship.
Chance favors the prepared mind.
A danger foreseen is half avoided.
Let every action be directed to some definite object, and perfection this way.
Waster not, want not.
Discretion is the better part of valour.
A litter of everything ,and nothing at all.
As you sow, so will you reap.
A past mistake of one serves as a good lesson to all.
Hard and honest work is the surest way to success.

We Will Provide Service on Installation and Commissioning

》We Make Stickers on Each Components when Delivery, There Are Name and Codes on Each Components. It Will Be Easier when Intall the Machine


》We Can Provide a Installation Procedure Document with 3D Pictures and Short Videos Which Show Install Steps and Points Need to Be Pay Attention


》We Provide Video Instruction Service if You Need


》On Line Team Will Be Formed by Engineers for After Sale Service, We Will Respond within 24 Hours and Provide Solutions within 48 Hours


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